CoFES Virtual Guest Lecture: Daniel Zales, MS


Oct 13, 2020

Daniel Zales is an entrepreneur, consultant, and fund manager, who has helped launch six companies and two nonprofit organizations. He is the founder of Accrue Investments & Consulting, a startup focused on building an investment track record through proprietary arbitrage investing.

Accrue's portfolio annualized ROI exceeds 30 percent and has not lost money on any investments. Zales is also a law student at the University of California Davis Law School (MLK), with planned graduation in May 2021.

From 2014 until June 2016, Zales was a research associate for Fisher Investments, an investment advisor with $65B assets under management. At Fisher, he conducted qualitative and quantitative research focusing on global capital markets trends for portfolio managers and the Investment Policy Committee. His primary responsibility when he left Fisher was quantitative portfolio strategy development and testing. During his tenure at Fisher, Zales wrote over 200 research papers on portfolio strategy, security analysis, market research and financial theory for institutional, private and internal clients.

Zales joined Fisher's Research Department after graduating with distinction from Rice University where he received a BA in political science and an MS in statistics. While at Rice, he did microgravity research with NASA.