CoFES Virtual Guest Lecture: Chris Georgen


Oct 20, 2020

Chris Georgen, a founder and chief architect of Topl, leads the design of the company’s blockchain platform. He has a deep interest in the application of new technologies to economic and financial problems and is motivated by the potential for new economic systems to improve standards of living around the world.

Founded in March 2017, Topl’s mission is to develop financial infrastructure to support more robust and attractive global investment. The company is developing a blockchain-powered platform that will enable investors to discover, vet, and track low-risk, high-yield investments into third-world countries.

Topl’s development is guided by its proposed solutions to the three primary barriers to investing in developing economies: currency controls, a lack of reliable information, and limited contract enforceability. To address these barriers, Topl’s blockchain platform utilizes a fully backed scrip currency native to its platform and employs publicly accessible and cryptographically verifiable historical records, reputation scoring for all participants, and automatically executing smart contracts.

A native of Chicago, IL, Georgen obtained degrees in mathematics, chemical physics, and philosophy from Rice University in 2016. During his time at Rice, he performed interdisciplinary research focused on emergent phenomena in complex systems and developed the core economic theories that led to the founding of Topl.