9th Eubank Conference
on Real World Markets

- April 26, 2021 -

The Eubank Conference brings together thought-leaders and innovators to discuss modeling one key market.


About Us

CoFES - Center for Computational Finance and Economic Systems

The Center for Computational Finance and Economic Systems is dedicated to the quantitative study of financial markets and economic systems and their ultimate impact on society. CoFES represents a cooperative effort between the George R. Brown School of Engineering, the Jones Graduate School of Business, and the School of Social Sciences.

CoFES is a vibrant thought leader that empowers students to solve complex problems in quantitative data science.


Duncan Hall
Student Membership


CoFES includes members from the Rice University academic community plus the business and financial community at the local, national and international levels.

Faculty, students, and staff of Rice University with an interest in the mission and objectives of CoFES are encouraged to join CoFES by sending an email to cofes@rice.edu.

Student Sandbox

There’s a vast volume of data available now to be analyzed. Statisticians and data scientists need to know how to ask the right questions, and how to filter data in a way to answer questions accurately. Rice University's strength in world-class high-performance computing stems from a long tradition of integrating the traditional boundaries between research disciplines.

Sample Sandbox


The art of mastering chance


The art of mastering chance

Jan 19, 2021

Rice University Professors’ impact on statistical research education

New course for spring 2021: Optimization Methods in Finance


New course for spring 2021: Optimization Methods in Finance

Dec 15, 2020

This course, which is led by Leticia Velazquez, is open to undergraduate and graduate students in the Brown School of Engineering

The shape of data


The shape of data

Nov 3, 2020

Scientists use analytic tools to visualize financial market volatility